Moderator Policy
Moderator Policy
Πρέπει να συμφωνήσετε με τους παρακάτω κανόνες για να συνεχίσετε :
Moderator Policy

In Order To Apply To Be A Moderator You Must:
  • be a forum regular
  • have been at the forum for over a month
  • have a positive efficacious presence on (this will ultimately be reflected in your post count and referrals)
  • be proactive

Moderators should be knowledgeable in the topic they would like to moderate. They should be polite and helpful towards other members and give advice whenever needed and whenever possible. Moderators should visit the forum each day, actively take part in discussions as often as possible, ideally once a day, setting a good example to the other members. They should also take an active part in discussions between Moderators relating to the running of the forum. Moderators have a responsibility to keep unsuitable content out of the forums as much as possible. Moderators should frequently encourage member participation in their forum, both by posting in existing threads and starting new ones.

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